Open Source BI with Talend

Talend & the BI Community

Welcome to our web page dedicated to the BI "open" community.
Here we will share with you best practices, tools, techniques, utilities and anything we bilieve could be enjoyed by the BI community.
We are using Talend products, amongst othe technologies, if you are not yet familiar with them, we strongly sugget you check out their website here or the community website.

Why we like open source and Talend?

Talend Open Studio and its subscription version Talend Integration Suite are powerful ETL products, packed with several interesting features and the functionality range they deliver is impressive. While all this is indeed important, the key thing that makes them great products for us is that they are Open and integrated with Data Quality, Data Profiling and MDM solutions.
Don't get us wrong there, "Open" does not necessarily mean inexpensive. TOS can be extremely convenient for a number of reasons, you can dowload and use the community version for free and it can be extremely productive when developing solutions.
Easily you can scale up to TIS, which provides a powerful server environment to ease deployment, management and execution of the ETL tasks.
"Open" is more tha that, it means you can extend it to fit your needs, in different ways.It also means that if someone created an extension (i.e. a "component") and made it available to the community (that happens frequently) you can also use that extension.

That's the way you get access to connectors to many different ERP platform (did we mention SAP?), CRM etc or to generally used services (i.e. Twitter), databases etc.

We used many differen BI / ETL tools, they are all extremely powerful and normally pack incredible features which we sometimes wonder if anyone ever used them.
Despite the functionality range available you still get in trouble when you need to accomplish the simplest thing you do in every single project and they did not think of it.
That's where the "Open" part kicks in, you don't need to be a super expert to benefit from it.

Why this website?

Sometimes we implement some simple solutions, that can be reused by others, here we would like to share them with the community.
We storngly believe that the feedback we could receive from the community would be a tremendous value to improve the quality of the solutions we deliver to our customers.
We therefore enourage you to use the material we share if you find it useful.Should you improve it, should you have great ideas about it, or simply have questions, we would be glad to hear from you.
Please use the feedback module in our website for this, thanks!


As a Talend Partner, we certified four BI consultants in our team on the Talend Technology.
These consultants are not only proficient with Talend and ETL technologies, they all share a solid background in Business Intelligence, thanks to a multi-year experience in BI projects in which several technologies, methodologies and best practices have been successfully applied.